Make Your a Day to Remember

Photo booths are the new craze at every wedding! It brings a fun and sometimes silly way to celebrate such a wonderful day. But who wants the same old ordinary photo booth? Don’t you want to wow your guest with your photo booth too? The Magic Mirror is the new way to photo booth! It has a much classier and beautiful look than a typical photo booth. It’s a big mirror that is allowing you and your guest to see themselves just as the camera will. It is like one giant selfie mirror.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life

Your wedding should be something everyone remembers forever. This is the perfect way to do it! Each guest will have the ability to take home the printed photos as well as have them emailed or texted to them. This will give them lasting memories of what a fun day that was.

Capturing Memories that last a

Capturing memories that last a Lifetime

It’s not all about your guest though. It’s more about you! You should have all of these pictures and memories to cherish as well! Yes, you will obviously have a professional photographer at the wedding but you will be getting different types of pictures with them and they might not catch all of your guests. With the Magic Mirror all of your guest have a chance to go up and take photos. These photos will all be saved for you as the bride and groom to keep for your own. There is more though!! We can also create a scrapbook for you! We print each picture taken and add it to the book and have the guests in the photos write you little messages next to their photos. This is just another way to get to look back and see what all your guests wanted to say that day.

Reading through this book after your wedding will bring back all the feels from your special day and will leave you feeling so loved by your friends and family.

We at Magic Mirror of New England know how incredibly special your wedding day is and we strive to make it even more special for you.