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Renting Our Photo Booth For Your University

Contrary to what some may think, renting our Magic Mirror photo booth for your next University event can make your event come to life! It is something that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone, from the teaching faculty, student body, to even the parents who may be in attendance. Also, due to its simplicity, anybody can walk in during the event and take fun and silly pictures either alone or as a group. Such photos create a portfolio which will serve as a reminder to everyone that they had fun during the occasion.

Not everyone at a university event knows each other, and for those who are a little bit shy, the idea of approaching strangers could be out of the question. One of the best ways of breaking the ice is by inviting someone to take a photo with you in a photo booth.


A lot of great things happen when you are at the university, particularly during school events. As a result, everyone would like to have memories of such times, and there is absolutely no better way of doing this than with renting the Magic Mirror. Everyone in attendance can also post their photos on their Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter so that everyone can share in their fun.

Are you a Member of an organization and planning a special event in New England? Rent the Magic Mirror and bring the fun to your next event! With the ability to customize the content workflow and photo overlay it allows us to make your event special. Got questions? Contact us and we are happy to discuss the details of your event!

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