Since our founding, Magic Mirror of New England has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism at all events.   No matter what you are celebrating we are sure to bring the fun and excitement of your event to the next level.  We are guaranteed to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction from our services.

Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect.  Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company or for details about all the customizable services that we provide.

Servicing:  New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont

About The

Unlimited Photos

Unlimited sessions per event. Each person that uses the mirror will receive a photo.


A Mirror Booth Professional stays on site to encourage and assist your guests


Professional equipment is used for the best quality photos


Premium quality props for maximum fun


Vibrant, entertaining animations on the screen encourage the best photos possible


We create a personalized photo layout for your prints


Your guests can immediately text or email the photo to themselves or others

Touch Screen

Touch Screen Signature option for quests to personalize their photos


Fun interactive games on the touch-screen mirror

Digital Gallery

After your event, you receive a full digital gallery of every photo taken


Each and every animation has been especially created to offer bright and colorful graphics that will engage your participants. These animations are ready-to-use, tailored to specific events and even offered in a variety of different languages.

We are able to create customizable animations specific to your event! This means we can fully personalize the experience delivered at an event. For instance, we can load animations featuring the couple about to get married at a wedding or at a corporate event, we can load branded animations to emphasize the corporate image. The potential of this dynamic feature is virtually unlimited.

Multiple Languages

Magic Mirror and its animations attract a wide array of populations with different language options to choose from. The Mirror Mirror Photo Booth visual animations are offered in Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and more!!

Photo Retake Option

Every characteristic of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth makes sure your guest walk away with a smile!! With the Photo Retake feature, the participant has the option to retake a photo in a seamless, time-efficient manner that ensures satisfaction.

The Mirror Me software even lets you choose the exact point which the workflow returns to when “Retake” is chosen.

Video Recording & GIF

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is so versatile with the ability to create video and audio recordings, your guests can use this feature as a way to record a message at a wedding or simply to record a funny video clip with friends.

The Magic Mirror supports video recording via the integrated DSLR camera. Looking to add some energy to your video? Add a soundtrack! Participants can pick their favorite tune and sync it with the video recording for the most entertaining keepsake.

With the ability to save GIFs & videos from the Magic Mirror you can turn the photo-taking experience into more than just a photo keepsake!

While the digital camera captures the photos, the software transforms these photos into a GIF or a video file which can easily be sent to your email or shared to social channels.

Green Screen Feature

The Green Screen features let your guests position themselves anywhere in the world with a simple green screen backdrop. This features use precise and accurate chroma keying to provide participants with the ultimate experience in special effects! Offer your participants different backgrounds to choose from or use a standard one throughout the workflow.

Photo Signing & Stamping Features

One of the most exciting features of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the optional, built-in Signing & Stamping Feature. Participants love having the ability to personalize their keepsake with this unique and interactive feature.

When the Signature feature is included in a workflow, participants will have the ability to draw or sign their name directly on the mirror, which will then be printed out on the final image.

The Signing & Stamping feature offers:

  • “Multi-Touch Support”, allowing up to 6 participants to get creative at the same time
  • Apply a vibrant neon effect to the signature
  • Change the pen’s size and color settings, including an option for random color selection
  • An “Undo” button allows the participant to undo strokes an unlimited number of times
  • A “Clear Drawing” button allows the participant to start the signature from scratch
  • You can let the participant add stamps from a built-in collection and even add your own custom stamps to the selection


Printing & Sharing Options

The Mirror will ask your guests how many copies it should print. Unlimited sessions per event. Each person that uses the mirror will receive a photo. Once your photo is taken they are automatically transferred for an immediate print

We use a DNP DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo printer which is known for the quality its photos. The highest possible photograph quality is ensured as we use a professional Cannon T3i DSLR camera to take the photos.

We supports many print size options including 6×2, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 (both vertical & horizontal). We also offer photo strip printing

On-Glass Games & Apps

You read it right! We offer Games if you would like to add that as apart of your experience for your guests!! Our interactive mirror lets participants play social games directly on the mirror. You can combine gaming, selfie photography, GIFS and videos for a mind-blowing experience.

The Magic Mirror has the following games to choose from: ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’, ‘3 Shells 1 Pea’, ‘Connect Four’ and ‘Pong’.

Bring the excitement to your event with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth’s optional, built-in

Screaming Contest feature.

I am sure you can you recall those candid shots of you screaming as you ride down a terrifying roller-coaster when they capture your photo? The Magic Mirror’s engaging Screaming Contest feature captures the same idea by inviting participants to reach the highest level of the scream bar as their photo is being taken. These results can be visually presented on the final photo with the achieved score as well.

The end result? Some great laughs and a hilarious photos!